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best portable music speakers

best portable music speakers

Model NO:YLBS-510

best portable music speakers

Quick start guide&User Manual


1.frequency range:100hz-20khz

2.Operating distance:10 meters

3.Microphone:built in

4.Power rating:5W


6.Chargering Voltage:DC 5V

7.Battery capacity:650mah

8.Charger time:Approx.3hours

9.Playback time:Approx.6hours

10.Housing Material:ABS+Silicone

Wireless pairing

Please charge the speaker for 3 full hours prior to the initial use.

1.Be sure that the speaker is in power off the mobile phone or media player device next to it. Press&hold the power button for 3 seconds to enter the pairing will be automatically turn off after disconnect bluetooth about 10 min.

2.Activate the wireless feature on modia player device and search for “My speaker YLBS-510”from the list to pair with.Enter “0000”if the media device prompts for a password.

3.If pairong fails,please refer to the user manual of media player device for wireless setup.Remove all the excessive unused models from the list of paired devices and start over from step l again.

Main feature

1.waterproof IP grade:IP67

2.Bluetooth 4.0 wireless

3.Handsfree talk

4.Strong suction cup

5.FM radio

6.Multiple color LED light

7.Charging by usb

Recharging the device

The wireless speaker is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can be operated by the following setps.

1.Release the DC 5V charging port cover.

2.Connect the USB charging cable to a standard USB charging port such as computer or USB charger from the DC 5V socket on YLBS-510.

Package contents

1.YLBS-510 waterproof Bluetooth speaker

2.USB Charging Cable

3.Dedicated Suction Cup

4.User Manual

Safty instructions

1.Please make sure the plug cover is tight before drop into the water

2.Keep the product away from extreme weather to protect the unit against electric shock,explosion or body injury.

3.Do not use the product to any excessive heat,such as direct sunlight,stoves or open flame.

4.Keep the products out of reach of children.Do not use the speaker excessive levels as it may damage hearing.

5.Clean the product with soft cloth without using harsh corrosive chemicals.Always unplug from the power source before cleaning.

6.Do not puncture or disassemble the exterior surface of the product in any way.

7.Do not insert any metal object into device to protect the unit against electric shock.

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