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Knowledge about battery charger

Knowledge about battery charger

Speaking of batteries, many people think of the first will be our daily use of dry batteries,

Battery is widely used, there are many new types of batteries, rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries, combustion batteries and so on. Also, the battery charger also came into being.

Charger Battery , alias, battery charger, charging adapter.

battery charger

According to its use, it can be filled with these devices:

Electric vehicles, small toy batteries, notebook, digital and portable electronic devices.

battery charger

According to the function of the charger can be divided into special charger and universal charger.

According to the connection is divided into desktop and plug-in type. (interface type USB interface and charger wall)

The same charger can be used to each other?

Not necessarily, the charger has its corresponding parameters, I was in charge of the electric car to me, because I do not fit the problem and cause my charger is broken.

Parameters of battery charger

Battery charger input voltage is generally 100V-240V, the output voltage: 4.2-60V

Input current: 0.3-9.9A, we must understand its parameters, it is recommended to use a full intelligent battery charger.

battery charger

Battery charger attention

In order to prevent excessive charge, there will be a corresponding method to prevent.

1 fast charger, the general use of -V control, when the battery is full of electricity to reach a peak voltage, the voltage will drop a certain value.

battery charger

2 small current charger, charging time will be too long, generally using the method of control time.

We buy the battery charger, not only to listen to the business, but also to their own understanding of a little, before you buy a suitable battery charger.

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