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Mobile phone charger

Mobile phone charger

I like to ask a few questions:

1.Is not all of our mobile phone chargers can be used, when we go to other places to travel?

2. who knows the principle of mobile phone charger

3. How can we solve the problem of charging power in other places?

We have a mobile phone charger:


We usually USB directly, with straight line input voltage is 100---240v, output voltage is about 5V, qc2.0 can achieve 9v/12v

The common input voltage is 12v------24v, and the output voltage is usually around 5V.

Universal mobile phone charger and charging input voltage 100---240v, output voltage is about 4.2V.

Let's go back to the first question.

1.Is the mobile phone charger universal?

Yes, it does matter.

zone of application

100V----125V: Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Canada

200V----250V: Philippines, China, Thailand, UK, Hongkong, Macao, etc.

So we need to understand the adapter voltage of our mobile phone charger, and then go according to local standards, or will cause damage to our charger, back to our charge to bring trouble.

2 the principle of mobile phone charger

We know that the charging process is to convert the current into 100-240V 5V or so, or 4.2V, there are other stable last to our mobile phone, mobile appliances can be used with the current.

The principle is: first constant current - constant constant pressure.

Here to introduce the travel switch plug, the general hotel can be provided, we do not have to worry about.

Here, the difference between 110V and 220V, if the charger display input voltage is 220V, in case of emergency can be 110V voltage region (Japan, Canada, America) is used, but the mobile phone charger shows the input voltage is 110V, voltage is not 220V (Chinese, UK) in use.

3 how to solve the problem of charging

Civil aviation regulations, we can carry power not more than two of the 160wh mobile power. We need to solve the problem in general.

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