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Mobile phone charger can be general?

Mobile phone charger can be general?

Theoretically, the output voltage is 5V, the output current is not more than 1A of the charger, can be used in all mobile phones, MP4 and other devices, the premise is the charging interface and the machine is consistent.

Mobile phone charger, MP4 and other equipment, the internal structure is similar. Due to the use of PWM switching power supply, so the input voltage can be adaptive, minimum 100V maximum input 240V no problem. So, mobile phone charger can be generic.

Mobile phone charger

Mobile phone charger charger car and charger wall, the difference is that the interface is different.

Mobile phone charger: also known as mobile power charging treasure, actually is a stable power supply (mainly regulated power supply, provide a stable working voltage and current enough) plus the necessary constant current, voltage limit, limit control circuit. The original charger (a line charge) marked on the output parameters such as: output 5.0V/1A, 5.0V/1500mA-11200. output refers to the related parameters of internal power supply. The commonly used mobile phone lithium ion battery charger (Li-Ion) uses a constant pressure limiting charging system, charging current generally used about C2 - use two hour charging rate, such as the 500mAh cell was detected by -DV/DT 250mA charging about two hours after the constant pressure up to 4.2V.Lion battery charging is not suitable for using NIMH battery fast charger with advanced fast charging mode, because the lion battery has strict restrictions on the charging current. The lithium ion (Li+) is very lively, big Charging is easy to produce.


1, good quality charger can identify lithium battery and Ni MH battery, and then decided to charge mode. The protection circuit board lithium battery with an integrated circuit with data storage properties of lithium batteries, it sends charger can identify the lithium battery, to determine the "current" and "constant voltage charging" mode; on the other hand to the mobile phone can identify the lithium battery, to determine the discharge mode.

2, charging of NiMH batteries with constant current charging NiMH battery itself. "Not afraid, when charging NiMH battery will have the reverse reaction, to prevent the excessive rise in voltage, the battery will be slightly fever reaction. In addition, NiMH batteries usually have a thermistor, to prevent excessive battery charging. Most of the mobile phone working voltage is about 3.6V, so the three Ni MH battery core. And the general battery core overcharge to about 1.4 ~ 1.5V is stopped, the highest voltage of three batteries is about 4.4V.

3, because the charge lithium batteries will be dangerous, so the charge and discharge conditions than NiCd and NiMH batteries are demanding. Internal lithium battery usually attached to a control circuit board to prevent overcharge. According to the design characteristics of the lithium battery, the first section is to set the current charging charging "mode, wait fast enough again to set voltage (between about 4.1 ~ 4.2V) of the battery charging mode to achieve the best state.

There is some charger Jerry, the mobile phone battery will identify into nickel hydrogen batteries, and with constant current charging mode, often easy to cause the lithium battery overcharge protection circuit board. The quality is good at will to prevent the protection of lithium battery, charger to charge. If the poor design of the circuit board, not only to protect the battery that caused excessive battery charging, but also may be due to excessive charging the battery core deformation, leakage, explosion and so on.

4, most of the fast charging charger, usually 3 to 4 hours is full. When the charger indicates charging is completed, if not from the battery charger will be removed, only enter the battery very weak electricity.

5, Ni MH battery memory effect is not large, often without discharge, the lithium battery is not required to discharge. On the market quality of the charger, discharge device attached to a poor quality. There will be excessive discharge phenomenon, easy to cause internal corrosion of the cathode electrolyte (Ni MH battery is inside potassium hydroxide alkaline solution), and then reduce the battery life and usually used capacity. In this case, every time to recharge the battery, will break down faster. Under normal circumstances, as long as the section of the battery used in automatic shutdown after charging, the battery discharge is the best treatment method.

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