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portable bluetooth devices

portable bluetooth devices

Bluetooth Speaker user manual

portable bluetooth devices

Model No:YLBS-511


Thanks for choosing this bluetooth speaker.Please this user manual carefully before operation.

Product description

1.Bluetooth 3.0 wireless

2.Bluetooth protocol:Support A2DP and AVRCP profile

3.Frequency Range:100HZ-20KHZ



6.Operating Voltage:3.7V

7.Charging Voltage:DC 5V

8.Charge Time:approx.3 hours

9.Playing Time:approx.6 hours

10.Operating Distance:10 Meters

11.Compatible:for tablet pc/laptop/computer/smartphone and other bluetooth devices

Bluetooth Pairing

Please make sure your cell phone (or portable device) is Bluetooth enabled. Specific pairing steps may vary with different devices.Please refer to the user manual of your device for further information.

1.To enter to pairing mode,turn on the speaker in Bluetooth mode.

2.Activate the bluetooth speaker searching function from the media players such as smartphone, tablets or music players

3.Choose device name from the list of bluetooth speaker discovered and pair with the media player.Enter password ”0000” if applicable

Operation instruction

If speaker built in microphone,it support wireless hands free talking

If speaker supporting Micro SD card, it is with previous and next song function while playing music.

If speaker with FM radio function, you can search the different channels while in radio mode.

Charging the Speaker

1.Connect the plug to the charging port of the speaker.

2.Connect the standard USB plug end of the cable to a power USB port on a computer or other USB charging device. For first time use, a fully charge is recommended.

Safety Instructions

1.Do not use this device near any heat sources such as radiators,heaters,stoves,or other heat-producting machinery.

2.Do not leave it in direct sunlight.

3.Keep the speaker out of children’s reach to avoid a choking hazard.

4.Clean with soft cloth.Do not use harsh chemicals to clean.

5.Do not clean this device when it is charging.Always unplug from the power source before cleaning the device.

6.Do not insert any metal object into the device.Risk of short circuit.

7.Do not try to repair or open this device yourself.

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