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portable speaker

Now the U.S. presidential election, many of us will be affected by its propaganda naturally or half unconsciously, maybe a lot of people are saying, they do not care about who the president, but we have a "speaker", the news media will be very convenient for us to know about the latest developments in it.

portable speaker

Today let's introduce a portable speaker.

The portable speaker sound system -- an important part of the speaker. Refer to audio signal into a sound equipment. The popular talk is the audio signal amplified by the portable speaker playback sound, make it sound bigger.

According to the use of points, divided into professional speakers and home speakers two categories.

For our regular users, we have more contact with the outdoor portable speaker and home speakers.

The brand name so much, how do we choose portable speakers?

portable speaker

How to select a speaker:

1 touch

Placed in the hands feel the weight, the general double channel speakers will have a heavier, and the sound quality of wood box is higher than the plastic box. Check all kinds of knob, switch, plug work is delicate.

2 see.

Look at the time but also to check the diaphragm when choosing the reference material, hard, soft, not soft, just check the principle. The second depends on the size of the loudspeaker unit, great diameter more sensitivity is higher, and the low frequency response effect is relatively good.


It is recommended to turn the volume up to 2/3 or so, a good portable speaker penetration is very high, although in a messy environment, people can be very clear to hear.

The test can choose the bass cello, the test can be used to test the treble tenor voice, can use the violin, the dynamic test can choose some relatively strong sense of rhythm music. In the test as far as possible not to use the manufacturer's recommended source should be used to prepare their own sound.

portable speaker

Professional selection of speakers

A good portable speaker mainly depends on what parameters?

First, the rated impedance. The impedance of the connecting horn are mostly in the range of 4-16 Europe.

Two, the effective frequency range.

portable speaker

Speaker sound pressure frequency range is wider, the better the frequency characteristics.

Three, frequency divider. The performance of the three division is generally better than the two division.

Four, sensitivity. In general, the sensitivity of the 90dB speakers is sufficient to meet the needs of the family.

Five, the speaker's caliber. The bass speaker's caliber is generally 20-950px, the high pitched voice is generally 2-150px, for the bass speaker, is not the bigger the better.

Six, the portable speaker of the net. In general, the heavier the better quality. Because the portable speaker more speakers that it is higher or the magnet sheet of speakers use more thick, and both will make a better sound.

portable speaker

On the market "portable" sound box, they all have "small, light, fine, good expansibility" common characteristic.

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