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Scrap battery turned car charger

What can be done after the electric car battery is scrapped? The answer is to reserve electricity and charge the car.

These end-of-life batteries do not completely lose their value. Theoretically, they can also be used in power storage or related power supply base stations as well as in street lamps and low-speed electric vehicles in order to finally enter the recycling system according to the different battery capacities. Steps to use.

In addition, the station also uses an intelligent unattended mode, piles of various types of faults automatically detected, automatically reported to the State Grid network platform, and automatically send a single, to ensure that the staff 45 minutes to the field maintenance. The greatest degree of assurance is that charging is safe, fast, and reliable. The charging station is expected to be put into use next month. Drivers can then use the smart car networking platform to achieve online intelligent pile finding, reservation charging, mileage estimation, online payment, etc., and support for e-charge account, State Grid charging card and e-charging Codes are billed in three ways. Normal charging takes only 30 minutes.

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