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Sport/Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker B6 6W +3W LED Light Outdoor Speaker

Product Detail    Product Name: Bluetooth speaker/Bicycle Speaker
Model: YLBS-506

Specification   Technical Parameter:
5.Max Power Output:3W
6.MIC Sensitivity MID:-32db
7.Receiving Sensitivity:Better than -82dBm
9.Data Transmission:Up to 3Mbps(over the air),high quality Bike Bluetooth Speaker
   10.UART Data Transmission:115200bps
11.Charging Voltage:3.7V–4.2V DC
12.Working Voltage:4.8V –5.5V DC
13.Current working:200mA
14.Quiescent Current:>1UA
15.Battery Capacity:600mAh
16.Charging time:about 2 hours
17.Play time:3-4 hours,Bike Bluetooth Speaker
Selling Feature:
1.Outdoor Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker
2.Bluetooth 4.0 
3.Variety of classic color for choice
4. Line in function
5.AVRCP:Audio/Vedio Remote Control Profile
6.Built in Microphone
7.Support Micro SD card
8.Charging by USB
9.Hands free phone calling
10.FM function optional
11.With Ring
12.With Led Light
13. Can use holder for bicycle and car
14. Delicate design
1xUSB cable
1x Audio Cable
1xUser Manual

Q1: What kind of audio sources can I use with My Speaker Mini Bluetooth speaker?
A1: The speaker is designed specifically for use with nowadays very popular Bluetooth devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, Bluetooth Function TV set and so on. It includes an auxiliary input for a wired connection to an MP3 or similar portable player.
Q2: How do I control the speaker?
A2: Power and volume controls are located on the speaker itself. Otherwise, use your smart phone or other paired device to select a play list, downloading audio source, etc. No remote control necessary.
Q3: What is the wireless range of the My Speaker Bluetooth speaker ?
A3: In generally, the speaker will work within 30 feet of your paired Bluetooth device. Walls and construction materials can affect reception at times.
Q4: Can I stream music (Pandora etc.) from my computer to the My Speaker Mini speaker ?
A4: Yes, as long as your computer is enabled for Bluetooth and is within 30 feet of the speaker
Q5: What happens when my phone is streaming music to the My Speaker  Mini speaker and a call comes in?
A5: When a call comes in, the music will pause, and the call will ring through the speaker. You can answer the call by pressing the Multi-function button and talk into the speaker itself to conduct your phone call. When you end your call, music playback resumes.
Q6: How do I check battery life? 
A6: When the speaker is turned on, the battery indicator lights up for 5 seconds, then turns off to conserve power. To check the charge press and hold the power button to turn the indicator light back on.
Q7 :What is the playing/charging time of the battery?
A7: Battery performance varies depending on the content and the volume at which it's played. In typical usage, a fully charged battery gives you up to 6 hours. The battery will fully charge in four hours using the included wall charger, possibly longer with some USB sources or while playing music.
Q8 What purpose do the voice prompts on the My Speaker Mini Bluetooth Speaker ?
A8: The voice prompts serve two key purposes. First, they provide guidance during the Bluetooth pairing and connection process so the customer understands how it works. Second, they identify the connected source devices by name, simplifying usage with more than one source device.
Q9 Can I use My Speaker  Mini speaker as part of my home wireless network?
A9: No, the My Speaker Mini speaker  works only with the Bluetooth wireless protocol.
Q10: Can the My Speaker Mini  speaker be used to provide audio for video, such as for watching a movie on a tablet?
A10: Yes. However, the quality of the experience-specifically, synchronization between audio and video-can be influenced by the Bluetooth implementation on the viewing device. You will get the best performance by keeping the My Speaker Mini speaker and the device in close proximity, which minimizes wireless interference. Use of My Speaker in the area also may affect performance.

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