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Teach you how to maintain your phone data cable

The cracking of mobile phone data lines will take about one year. The data lines that are slightly cracked will affect the aesthetics. The data lines that are severely cracked must be replaced with new ones. How do we maintain them in daily life? 

Plugging should be gentle

When pulling the data cable, don't be so simple and rude, try to be as gentle as possible.

Avoid access to heat sources

The skin of the data cable is gelatinous. If it is close to a small sun or a very hot mobile power source, it will cause thermal expansion and contraction. If the number of times is too long, it will break easily.

Spring protection interface



This method is the most popular on the Internet and is also adopted by most netizens. It's very simple to take out the used ballpoint pen spring. Then stretch it a little bit, slowly circle the data line, and then rotate and fix it, taking care not to scratch it.

Tape at the interface

Many people like to paste transparent glue on the interface, but it doesn't take long to start degumming. It is best to use a tape that encloses a water pipe. Its scientific name is raw tape. Although it is a bit like a mummy, it is really good to use.


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