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There are many fast charging genres. Are you clear?

The essence of the information age is the era of the battery. There is electricity to travel all over the world. There is no electricity to move in. It is impossible to run at high levels, and there is no electricity. Therefore, smart phones are becoming bigger and bigger, and the gold size of their names is actually the same, which is to facilitate heat dissipation and increase the battery capacity. However, the portability and handheld requirements of mobile phones are destined to be indefinite in size and weight. Even if the folding screen cannot expand the battery, the battery capacity of mainstream mobile phones may not be significantly larger before the energy density of the battery itself has reached a breakthrough in a short period of time. improve.

The traditional USB charging voltage is not more than 5V, the current is limited to 2A, and the function charger is even 5V 0.5A to 0.9A. This charging power is faster than the charging speed for smart phones, so it started 5 years ago. The smartphone charger has been gradually upgraded from 5V 1A to 5V 2A. This is the earliest fast charging attempt.

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