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What should I watch out for when cleaning my headphones?

1, can not use strong cleaning supplies

This point is believed that without excessive explanation, the wire of the earphone is quite fragile, and the corrosive substance will cause irreversible damage such as oxidation, and eventually will lose the elasticity of the wire, resulting in the internal breakage of the wire.

2, wipe the towel or paper can not be too rough

In the cleaning of headphones, we often have to repeatedly wipe, in fact, this process has already harmed the headset wire, in order to minimize the damage, the material of the towel should be as soft as possible, and do not wipe the headphone cable too Use hard work.

3, water is also the killer of the headset line

In fact, when we clean the headphones, the common water is also the culprit causing the aging of the wire. The water we use today is not purely neutral, so try to minimize the number of water flushes. Over time, this will cause the wire to harden. It should be noted that the earphone after cleaning must not be left to dry around the heating. The temperature of the heating directly directly deforms the wire sheath.

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