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where can i get a battery charger

where can i get a battery charger

We go out to travel, mobile phones, digital cameras, laptop computers, and so on, are required to charge the battery.

Now, I need a rechargeable battery, and can charge the battery charger for possible period of want or need.

I have always been a big power, I know that 18650 batteries can be charged, but I want to know some about how to pick a battery charger.

About rechargeable batteries

 1.At present, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, in various portable electric equipment of lithium ion rechargeable battery (a large number of applications such as notebook computer, camera and mobile phone in wait),

2.Li-ion has quickly become the standard power supply of portable devices, Li-ion can provide the same energy and NiMH batteries, but in terms of weight can be reduced by approximately 35%, such as this camera and notebook computer electric equipment is essential.

3 mobile power supply

Mobile power batteries are generally 18650 lithium batteries and lithium ion polymer batteries. Mobile power currently widely used, our mobile phone computer digital products can be used.

How to choose the charger

1 Capacity

The larger the average capacity of the battery, the larger the volume will be, it will be difficult to carry around some of the capacity of.5000mah can meet the phone, digital cameras and other devices during the day.

2 security

The preferred polymer lithium batteries.

3 special features

Now the various functions of the charger, with LED lamp, LCD screen, safety hammer, a simple knife and so on, are in preparation. If possible period of want or need to travel, can consider this.

Often prepare for possible period of want or need.If this is the case, it is very embarrassing.


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