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​History Of Mobile Power

History of mobile power

As early as 2001 before, We have never heard of a mobile power source.

 It was the 2001 CES exhibition, a student with a few batteries with a control circuit and pieced together, because it can give whenever and wherever possible digital products charge caused the attention of many exhibitors. With the emergence of a large number of Android smart machine tablet computer, Mobile power become popular up.

The concept of mobile power is developed with the popularity of digital products and the rapid growth of the 2012, the definition is convenient and easy to carry large capacity portable power.

In a word, the mobile power supply is a battery, the composition is very simple, there are three parts:

1, the core: is a rechargeable battery;

2, the protection board: it is the realization of mobile power charging and discharging, and control over discharge and over charge protection

3, the shell: it is a protective shell, one is the plastic shell, the other is the metal shell.

How to choose a mobile power

Now our life can not be separated from the mobile power, no matter where we go to take it, how can we choose it?

Mobile power is nothing more than the capacity size, interface and output port, as there is the size of the shape, the manufacturer information.

Mobile power now available on the market there are 2600mAH, 5400mah, 7800mah, as well as 10000mah and 10000mah above, if it is only a mobile phone, 5000mAh or so is enough to use .

The shape of the interface is generally USB, as well as the output of the Android system interface, and some still with the line.

Now the real brand mobile power is not much, are on behalf of the factory processing, so do not be too superstitious brand, I think the manufacturer's quality certification is more important.

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