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2 Potential Function On IPhone 8

iPhone 8 on WiFi charging

Apple's latest patented "dual-band antenna wireless charging and communication system" has been approved by the US Patent Office, in other words: with WIFI for mobile phones, flat-panel charging.

This means that the iPhone8 does not need to charge the data cable, do not need a charger, as long as the WiFi router, the user can charge in any place. That is not only do not have to go out with the charger, even the heavy charge of the treasure can be abandoned, shopping malls, cafes, restaurants and so on as long as there are WiFi public city will be equipped with a new router, that is, the Internet can be charged!

Duration problem has been criticized for smart phones, even if the iPhone 7plus 2900mAh battery capacity than the iPhone 5s 1440mAh turned twice, but the actual operation of the user is still dissatisfied with the battery life. The increase in battery capacity and can not guarantee the same capacity to enhance the endurance, but rather miss the functional function to support the ability of 3 days.

Mobile phone manufacturers can not know this problem. In fact, as early as the iPhone 6 era, the rumors of Apple to introduce WiFi charging technology, but to the current iPhone 7 so far, still no surprise. Until February this year, Apple joined the wireless charging Union WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), iPhone 8 wireless charging function will reach a outbreak period.

Wireless charging is not a new technology, as early as 2008 in the wireless charging Union WPC was set up, the goal is to a variety of charging boards and portable devices to achieve interoperability between. Engineers at the University of Washington in the United States of America have created an innovative WiFi router, PoWiFi, that not only provides wireless access to the Internet, but also wirelessly charges the terminal.

From the data line charging charging board in recent years, and then to a small part of the wireless charging, data line charging is still the current mainstream, Apple has been walking in the forefront of leading smart phone technology, iPhone 8 No one would like to use WiFi charging, everything had to wait until the moment to be announced.

Apple AR

Foreign media reported that Apple has acquired a German eye tracking glasses manufacturer SensoMotoric Instruments. The manufacturer of AR technology is very research, especially the manufacture of AR glasses. The news to the industry have speculated that Apple or will enter the AR field, research and development and production of AR glasses.

iPhone 8 news has been exposed, a while back and even panel components are leaked. Now it is confirmed that Apple's new generation of mobile phones will use double-sided glass, positive with a comprehensive graphic design, equipped with a hidden fingerprint recognition, the camera for the vertical double photo. The main reason for the vertical dual camera arrangement is to support AR. AR on the phone to achieve must rely on the vertical lens, in Google's Tango mobile phone and ASUS Zenfone AR have been supported.

On AR glasses, basic information will automatically emerge from your current location, such as weather, bus information, etc., you can use the gestures to check or delete information, you can also 3D modeling and simulate games.

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