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3D Printers

                                              3D Printers

3D printers is a new technology for quickly fabricating basic on digital model through by power  metal or plastic to paint.

3D printers are widely used in field of jewels.footwear,construction,AEC,vehicle,aerospace industry,education,geography or gum.

3D painting was invented in Mid 1990s,which machine is used light curing and paper laminating technology to quickly manufacture.Its working principle is same as normal printer,plug it in computer and print material a layer step by step.Make it real from computer blueprint.

 Limit of 3D Technology                                                                   

1.Material: Most raw material are race and costly, most common raw stock can not be used in 3D print, it is the biggest problem why 3D print is not particular popular with light industry.

2.Machine:The 3D print have obtained development in field of geometry. But as for mobile object,it can not guarantee degree of definition.

3.Intellectual property right:3D print is easy to involve with intellectual property right,People can copy any thing they want.Original author would suffer a reprint of the crisis.How to protect author is other important problem.

4.Illegal:It is difficult to indent demarcation line because relevant laws and regulation is not existed. If public print organ to save their life,who can bring to trial.

5.Costly:General customer can not bear the high price.

3D printers materials are nylon glass, nylon materials, gypsum, aluminum, titanium alloy, stainless steel, silver plated, gold plated, rubber materials

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