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4 Mainstream Power Banks

"Power Bank" is the concept with the current popularity of digital products and rapid growth and development, and it carries large-capacity portable power supply. At present, the function of digital products is becoming more and more diversified, sophisticated and more closely associated with our daily life. How to improve the use time of digital products play its most important role. Power bank begin to enter public eyes to address this problem. With this device, you can use your electronic device anywhere and anytime you want both indoors and outdoors.

There are mainly 5 types of power banks currently in the market.

Type 1, power bank with a lighting function. It is usually installed with a built-in energy-saving super LED light. If used solely for LED lighting, it can be used 3 hours to 30 hours or more, depending on the mobile power battery capacity.

Type 2, power bank only with the charging function, which is very suitable for professional external power supply.

Type 3, solar power bank. This type of power bank previously is used mainly in the special forces and special industries. Civilian uses became well-known with the gradual increase in conversion rate of solar panels.

Type 4, power bank with the latest technology and the most secure lithium polymer batteries to produce the highest quality. This option is perhaps the safest due to its most advanced battery tech.

Different types of power bank core components, in short, consist of two parts, one is the medium of electricity, the other is the ability to transfer other energies into electricity. So the batteries can be used as a good or bad quality mobile power quality one of the important criteria.

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