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5 Points To Help You Choose A Good Bluetooth Speaker

Wanting to listen to songs when they can not find the connection line troubles the rise of wireless sound. Remember about two years ago, the wireless sound began to appear in the electricity business website, sell all kinds of Bluetooth-style. Can not think of is that the rise of Bluetooth audio did not take long, WiFi sound and "large-scale" into the people's vision, with a higher quality characteristics eroded the traditional Bluetooth audio market. The end of last year, there is a new type of wireless audio "Internet Bluetooth audio" this fashionable term into the consumer's attention. Internet Bluetooth audio is actually based on the WiFi sound derived from the. It is connected and WiFi sound, the difference lies in the Internet Bluetooth audio itself can connect to the Internet, directly from the cloud server to obtain audio and video data or even capture, crawl user songs and music style preferences.

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Here are 5 points that one should consider:

1. With massive cloud library resources, and to ensure the quality of the Internet cloud services music, music is authorized, the songs are the best and the most recent, even according to personal preferences, personalized DJ strict push;

2. Sound speaker sound quality is better, the power to be large, so as to ensure that you can output a good sound to ensure that the output effect;

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3. Input effect is also the most important, a good Internet audio, of course, need to have a variety of connection mode, compatibility must be good enough;

4. Facilitated operation to ensure that it plays smoothly and perfectly.

5. Must be good-looking.

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