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6 Things You Must Do Before Travel

Before the trip, I will list the need to do the list of things, one by one to complete, although there are forgotten important items! International travel is a very exciting thing. Just think of the French romance, the Italian water, the polar ice, completely different cultural experience will let you forget, but compared with the domestic tour , You have to prepare the items will be more, consider the matter to be more comprehensive! Here are some things to do before traveling abroad, hope to help your trip, to help you win the perfect holiday!

1. pay your bill

When you are busy for the travel equipment, travel activities, pay the bill I am afraid you will not want to do the most things! Before you go out, remember to repay your credit card, loan, rent, and any other bill that will be due. Or, you can set up automatic transfer business. This can avoid having a billing problem to disturb your good mood while traveling, and you can have a good holiday when you get home.

2. arrange your letters and mail

If you do not want to go out, in front of the mailbox was plug, remember to handle the letter to retain business. This will not only prevent your mailbox from being destroyed, but also to keep your home from thieves. The same, you are not at home this time, if there is a courier or wrapped around the door, remember to please neighbors, friends or guard to help receive.

3. Obtain a visa

Make sure your passport is still valid and successfully obtain a visa to travel.

4. Arrange your phone

International telephone and SMS business costs are quite expensive, it is best for your mobile phone for the appropriate international business.

travel charger

5. Prepare universal plug and data cable and transformer

These little things are quite cheap. During travel, you may need to have a universal plug, a data cable, or a transformer, which will come in handy when your phone or laptop is out of power.

6. Notify your bank card or credit card company

Inform your bank card or credit card company to let them know that you are going abroad and are likely to use the credit card or bank card on the way. They will give you a note, you will not be eager to use the credit card or bank card when the delay. Ideally, do not use credit cards or bank cards as much as possible abroad. It is a good idea to have a MasterCard credit card, so you can avoid the financial situation when an emergency occurs.

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