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Future Phone Power Bank Trends

4G / 3G portable wireless routing

This should have been market-oriented function, and in the mobile power to add AP and 4G / 3G portable wireless routing. This can be more convenient for people in the mobile Internet, save traffic costs, but also in the provision of wired network to provide wireless AP, so many devices to achieve more convenient wireless Internet access.

Increase the function, more convenient travel consumers in carrying mobile power when the portable network can also be achieved. Can make these users, with a lot of things.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is equipped in a mobile power to increase the functionality of the wireless AP, and then add a function for many people share and save the reader, as well as data cable connection trouble.

Cloud storage wireless mobile power, you can let your phone or PC laptop through the wifi link to read the link to the mobile power U disk and SD card file information. In this way, many people become more convenient to share a lot, you do not move through the computer every time through the computer to move the file to the phone and tablet.

Compared to wireless features, cloud storage for photography enthusiasts, movie lovers are a good feature choice.

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