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7 Steps To Cope With Car Breakdown

Driving on the road, no one can ensure that we will not encounter the issue of car breakdown, so everyone must know how to deal with it. There are many reasons for the car to break down, the more complex may be the engine problems, the simpler is the fan belt may be broken, the battery power is not enough or fuel has been exhausted, more common tires burst or leak when no spare tire can be changed The How did the car break down? The following seven simple steps to ensure the safety of you and the car:

1. Lights up the danger lights

This allows the other cars to approach your car, slow down, ready to stop.

2. Check before you get off

Make sure you can safely open the door before you get off.

3. Move the car to a safe place

If you can not start the car, move it to a safe place, first turn the car to N, in a safe case, the car moved to the left of the highway or highway. Avoid parking the car in the blind spot of other vehicles or dangerous places, such as crossroads.

4. Place a dangerous warning frame

Placed the warning frame before the car. It has a reflective effect, which is easier to detect for other cars passing by. If you are on the road, leave a car at least 20 meters away place a triangular dangerous warning frame. If it is on the highway, the distance should be at least 60 meters.

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5. Open the car rear case and hood

Open the car rear case and hood to further remind the other drivers.

6. people should leave the car

When waiting for support, do not stay in the car or stand around the car for safety reasons. If you want to stay in the car next to wait for support, should be standing away from the side of the vehicle.

7. Call for help

If the car broke down on the highway, there is no cell phone, you can call the nearest help phone call for help. If the car breaks down in the tunnel, it should be called to the nearest telegraph booth to seek assistance from the control center, which will arrange the trailer to drag the car away from the tunnel. Now many insurance companies and 4S shop to provide anchored rescue services, leaving a phone in the car on the more convenient.

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