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Most Unbelievable Mobile Phone Accessories

Smart phones have become an integral part of most of our lives, and usually we will buy mobile phone case for the phone, protective cover, tempered, and so on to "dress up" their own mobile phone.

Then you have seen the most "unbelievable" mobile phone accessories is what? Today to bring you the most wonderful cell phone accessories.

Mobile phone external keyboard

From the era of functional machines you may miss the physical keyboard typing when playing the game feel. Starting from the iPhone, touch the keyboard began to pop, simple and cool, but also lost the physical keys of the texture. But some manufacturers for mobile phones to create an external keyboard to retrieve the feeling of the year.

In fact, this keyboard is not easy to use, and can not be regarded as "wonderful work." This is available to the phone and the tablet's external keyboard is not so easy to use, first of all such a large volume, the equivalent of carrying two mobile phones to go out, it is very convenient.

Now with very powerful input method, you can also enter the voice input feedback mechanism, so the keyboard should be useless!

Phone case coffee machine

Recently in the United States, a phone case featuring coffee-making machine has caught much attention. You are familiar with the phone shell, but have you seen the phone shell making coffee?

This phone case can be the phone shell can be the user's coffee heated to 50 degree Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, and then get about 25ml of coffee.

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