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A Power Bank’s Working Life

Phone charging is also what we often say mobile power bank integrating power supply and charging functions in one portable charger. you can charge mobile phones, tablet PCs and other digital devices at anytime, anywhere. It is packed generally with the lithium batteries (or dry batteries, less common) as a storage unit, easy to use. It has a certain emergency function, in a large number of digital power supply can not be stored in the case, you can power up through some devices to achieve the normal operation of digital products.

As people’s reliance on digital products grows, more and more people begin to carry large-capacity mobile charging bank to extend the use of digital products. In view of this, mobile charging products also begin to become the most popular one of all the electronic products around, and more and more manufacturers have begun to develop a variety of different specifications of the mobile charge bank!

But how long can it work in proper order?

In fact, we need to look at several aspects: batteries, capacity, OCBA circuit board. General mobile power banks charge and discharge cycle are between the 300-500 times in average.

First, the batteries

Usually the standard imported 18650 A product batteries, the use of the number is about 500 times, made a big line is also good. But the second-line brand life in the basic between 300-400 times.

Second, the capacity

The larger the capacity of the mobile power supply, the longer the total life span, because the greater the capacity of the mobile power supply, the longer the time to use it, the longer the life span.

Third, the circuit board

Circuit board is equivalent to the brain, the use of high-quality circuit board mobile power more durable, easy to use, more secure, if it is low-quality circuit board mobile power, fault, easy to damage the phone, and even the risk of explosion.

In the end how to choose the right mobile power?

For users, if there are more equipment to charge, or want to have more adequate battery life support, you should choose a larger capacity products. If the pursuit of small and portable, while there is no need to go out for a long time to charge, you can choose a small capacity products. Of course, if you take into account the different out and charging needs, you can also consider the purchase of two mobile power.

Large-capacity mobile power charging time is relatively long. Because some mobile power supply only supports 1A input, so 10000 mAh mobile power from no electricity to full when it takes 10 hours, taking into account the actual loss and conversion rate, this time will be a lot of time, means that a night The charge can not be fully charged, need to charge faster friends should choose 1.5A or 2.1A input mobile power.

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