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About Black Friday

About Black Friday

Black Friday profile
      According to statistics, there are more than 130 million Americans will focus on "Black Friday" shopping and spread in the UK and other countries. In fact, most of the stores from the beginning of this year to the end of the year turnover accounted for 20% -40%, during which most of the stores can be profitable.

      In this case,Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day) is a joint festival of the United States and Canada, the original creation of the American people, the original intention is to thank the God-given good harvest, thanks to the help of the Indians. In the United States, since 1941, Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of November each year, and from that day will be two days off; and Canada and the United States Thanksgiving time is different, the second Monday in October. Like China's Spring Festival, on this day, tens of thousands of people no matter how busy, and their families should be reunited. Canada's Thanksgiving Day began in 1879, is the second Monday in October each year, the same as the United States Columbus Day.

      And enjoy the Thanksgiving feast, people are most interested in is to go to the store to buy specials, the Americans will own up early in the morning line up the habit of buying goods called early bird, will be behind the Thanksgiving Friday is called Black Friday (Black Friday), because On this day the business turnover is the best of the year, and has been known as the most concentrated American shopping day. Major retailers are to discount the annual season to prepare adequate ammunition, ready to wait for the buyer's siege, is the biggest discount when the intensity of the year.

Black Friday Event

     Unlike "China's" dual-11 "online shopping, the traditional" black Friday "is the physical retailers, electricity providers and consumers of the three interactive, although the US online sales in recent years, strong growth, but physical retailers have not" , Consumers in the "Black Friday" is still used to come to shopping malls, shopping malls and other physical stores to buy goods. Mall opened soon outside the shop can not see the long winding head is still a beautiful landscape. However, in China, "Black Friday," the store is still only to accompany the run, the difference between the two consumption scenes are more obvious.

Black Friday shopping tips
We are jokingly called Europe and the United States people are fighting the nation, but fighting the fighting strength of the nation how strong? In fact, from the black Friday to buy can be seen, even the house has always been known to rot the British people in this day are like playing with the blood of the past one night late at the mall began to line up from ipad to TV, as long as the move The moment of action are sold out. Many shopping malls monitoring video shows that people in order to snapped their favorite merchandise discounts at the "fight", even the police can not do anything to confuse the scene.

     The annual black five is the major mainstream shopping site traffic the largest time, such as Boots, Game, Curry's and other mainstream chain sites, in a large number of consumers like astronomical traffic, the fragile server is simply minutes paralysis Of the rhythm. To tell the truth, black five scenes than the end of the panic buying scenes in the film can be said to have gone. The next few pictures, as you restore a true black five!

Online shopping rise&Summary

      2016 US "Black Friday" electricity sales exceeded 3 billion US dollars, a record. Although the gap between China and 11 double. But we can feel the future of online shopping will be more and more army.
       As we ordinary people, whether it is China or Europe, the real benefits to buy is the most important, I hope our businesses can profit, give us a better offer.

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