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About Mobile Phone Charging Time

About mobile phone charging time

First, do we still remember that when we buy a mobile phone, there will be sales staff told us to use the battery all the power of the light, and then completely filled before you can use, or the battery is not good.

Today, we are about to popularize the knowledge about mobile phone charging time.

mobile phone charging time

Classification of mobile phone batteries

Generally have lithium batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries.

There is a battery activation problem, if not a long time, as the new machine we bought from the factory to the general market, usually a month or even longer, so the beginning of time to full discharge. But it is not recommended to completely charge light, this will damage the battery, affect the life of.

mobile phone charging time

Standby time of mobile phone

Standby time refers to the battery is full of electricity for mobile phone standby and use, until the voltage drop to the phone automatically shut down for a period of time combined.

Standby time and battery capacity, as long as there is a great relationship between the call.

Cell phone charging time

Many of us have heard of "charge in five minutes, two hours of talk" advertising language has been tested, turn off the power in other circumstances, can achieve charging two hours. We usually use the main mobile phone capacity of about 3000mA-4500mA, with fast charging technology now, basically 1.5 hours it can be completely filled.

mobile phone charging time

Mobile phone battery safety knowledge

Batteries are flammable and explosive materials, if the product is not qualified, an accident, or even an explosion is possible.

1 can not be charged at high temperature conditions can not be thrown in the water.

2 charging time should not be too long, although there are now automatically protect the power off function, but in case of manufacturers of battery quality is not qualified to produce it.

3 when charging, the phone will be hot, to ensure that the phone is not covered.

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