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About November 11th

About November 11th

Just over the past week, the U.S. election has produced a new president of the United States, at the same time, there has been a November 11th global purchase.

The president of the United States is a four year, attracted the attention of many traditional media, daily report, so that we are passive acceptance of each day two people each other attacks.

Is a double eleven times a year, from the mouth to the people involved, has now been sellers and buyers of the common use of spontaneous, to prepare for the double eleven, double eleven in procurement, it evolved into a national holiday. For us ordinary people, double eleven seems to be our life more closely.

1.About the origin of the double eleven

Double eleven originated in China singles, November 11th is four 1, reminiscent of a single, from a university in Nanjing in 1990, in the evening when chatting, at their single state, then the annual double eleven named singles, this festival is widely spread in the vast number of single people.

In 2009, the rise of e-commerce, Ali, Suning, Jingdong and other platform using the double eleven singles sales discount, every year, to develop this year.

2 why is so hot

The electronic trading platform of convenience, so business inventories are clean, so that buyers buy affordable goods, so eleven is the natural hot.

3 it brings the impact

People judge, some people praise. We don't have to judge its far-reaching influence, I only know that it makes the products of our company Yilon car charger, Yilon wall charger, Yilon car jump starter, Yilon power bank, Yilon Bluetooth speaker products are sold to the country more on that day, to more people with high quality and low the price premium products. Our factory is working overtime to get more salary. This is it to us.

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