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About Portable Wireless Speaker

Portable wireless speaker

Wireless Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth wireless speaker, WiFi wireless speaker, 2.4G wireless speaker, infrared technology.

Due to 2.4G wireless speaker can not be compatible with mobile phones, the popularity of outdoor sports, resulting in the main body of the popular Bluetooth wireless speaker and WiFi wireless speakers

Bluetooth technology Bluetooth band for 2400 - 2483.5MHz

Now say the side of the bath while listening to music is also achieved through Bluetooth technology.

2.4G Technology

2.4G technology, 2.4-2.485ghz ISM (industrial scientific, and medical, index) is a new wireless transmission technology in recent years, the band in most countries without authorization, free to use, so in theory the transmission distance has reached tens of meters.

WIFI technology, now the most mainstream technology, almost compatible with all mobile phones and computers have been able to develop rapidly.

No matter where we go now, the first thing is to connect to the wifi.

Use of wireless speakers

I use my new Bluetooth speaker as an example.

1 open the following on into off

2 then use the phone to turn on the Bluetooth, search the device, found the Bluetooth speaker, click on the matching, enter the corresponding password (according to the prompts)

3 pairs of successful, on the edge of the light.

4 open the music player on the phone, broadcast a look, see if you can play.

Selective attention

1 wireless speakers have built-in batteries, we have to pay attention to its ability to be durable.

2 wireless speakers can not just look at the brand, but also to see whether it is compatible with the wireless speaker.

3 sell the best in the market or Bluetooth speaker

4 electronic products in general to try, feel the sound effect of its quality will be better.

Common problem

1 boot on the automatic shutdown: from the production to the sale and then to the customer's hands, so long no charge, it is recommended to charge two hours to use.

2 play automatic shutdown or restart: the proposed charging two hours after use.

3 speakers no sound: determine the TF/ Bluetooth /FM/AUX mode, in the play state, and adjust to the appropriate volume.

4.AUX no sound: please use the machine distribution audio line, and choose the correct audio output interface.

5 play no sound: please confirm with the phone or computer Bluetooth connection is normal.

Attached several models of the Bluetooth speaker, hoping to help you.

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