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About The Car Jump Starter

About the car jump starter

We understand car jump starter  from the following questions.

1.what is a car jump starter?

Car jump starter is the device to start the car, especially in the case of emergency, its essence is a kind of emergency power supply, we can understand it as a portable mobile power.

2.why do not need it?

Car emergency start power supply is a multifunctional portable power for driving the car people and business people have developed.So when we travel, just in case, we must prevent the emergence of special circumstances, ready to a car jump starter.

Can it be charged to mobile phones and other electronic devices?

Our mobile phone output voltage is 5V, while the car is 12V, under normal circumstances is not, but because of the development of science and technology, now on the market most of the multiple output interface of different electronic products can be adjusted to different voltage, don't worry about voltage due to different machine damage. to use car jump starter?

Here are carefully to introduce you

1, the hand brake pull clutch, placed in neutral, check the starter switch should be in the OFF file.

2, emergency starter please placed in a stable ground or non mobile platform, away from the engine and the belt.

3, the "emergency starter" red cathode clamp (+) connected to the positive electrode of a battery power shortage. And ensure firm connection.

4, the "emergency starter" black auxiliary clamp (-) grounding column connected to the car, and ensure firm connection.

5, check the connection is correct and firm.

6, start the car (no more than 5 seconds), if the start is not successful, please intervals of 5 seconds or more.

7, after the success of the negative pole clip from the ground up.

8, the "emergency starter" (commonly known as "Guojianglong") red cathode holder from battery cathode off.

9, the use of the battery is completed, please charge.

4.How to choose it ?

Pay attention to the following aspects


3.Special function

We must have many years of experience in the production of products manufacturers, the critical moment will not go wrong.The capacity of more than 6000mAh can be. Outdoor general lighting lamps are required.

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The company launched a full-featured car jump starter-YLPB-122, since the market, by the broad masses of customers, not the good stuff, not to recommend.

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