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About The Selection Of Wireless Speakers

About the selection of wireless speakers

October 1st ready to go out to travel, I have to climb, a friend is a music fan, love always humming songs, urged me to help him get a good use of wireless speakers.About the selection of wireless speakers

I put my own experience to contribute out, there is a need for a friend can refer to.

1 price

For example, the general entry level users, just to experience the fun of a wireless speaker and

Charm, then a few hundred dollars of Bluetooth wireless speakers have been fully able to meet the needs of the use

Bluetooth wireless speaker compatibility is good, ordinary equipment are equipped with blue

Tooth function, after connecting to play, which is consistent with the vast majority of users of the habit.

2 Bluetooth or WiFi

The students who used the wireless earphone know that the first use must be matched with the wireless sound box.

Also, different carrier technologies, the matching method is also different.

But it should be noted that the WiFi wireless speaker

For the network environment requires a higher, suggested that the user in the case of family conditions permit as much as possible

Set up a special network for the use of wireless speakers, so as to avoid the emergence of interference.

3 appearance

Not all of the speakers must square ancient square plate, so from the wireless speaker

By the product, the form of course more to be free of some!

Finally, I'll show you how I can buy a wireless speaker for my friends.

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