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About The Speaker, How Much Do You Know

About the speaker, how much do you know

Now in the United States election, every day, the speakers can hear their voices. How much do we know about the speaker's knowledge?

The first speaker

loud speaker


In 1898 the British won the patent of the "Aug Zett Vern" speaker, the world's first speaker.

Later types of speakers developed to the present, there are a variety of categories are as follows

According to the driving mode: electromagnetic, electric, electrostatic, piezoelectric type

According to the classification of radiator shape: cone, dome loudspeaker, loudspeaker, horn loudspeaker.

Classified according to purpose: full range speaker, woofer, mid-range loudspeaker, the loudspeaker.

Structure of loudspeaker

The general speaker is composed of magnet, frame, damper, die folding ring conical paper basin.



We know that the speaker's voice component is a speaker, but why should use the speaker, rather than directly to take the speaker to listen to sound?



The speaker box exists purpose is mainly to prevent the acoustic signals of loudspeaker positive and negative direct form a loop, causing high frequency sound only small wavelength can be spread out, and other sound signals are superimposed offset.

The physical model of the speaker is a hole, in a infinite rigid baffle is installed on the loudspeaker, so that we can ensure the sound signal is not speaker positive and negative form a loop caused by sonic loop.

Refers to the speaker, including audio playback, microphone, sound amplification, tuning, connect the speaker system and audio equipment; the speaker is the speaker.

Speaker application

Mobile phone, earphone, multimedia (audio), tablet PC, microphone (multi purpose). 





 Most of us don't know what it is, but we use it in our lives, and we understand it well, and we can learn to make a simple speaker.



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