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An Ingenious Mobile Power Charger Brewing

Speaking of one-off items, we think of most of the disposable tableware, cutlery and toiletries. However in fact, there are many uncommon but highly plausible one-off inventions for application, one of which is one time mobile power.

In appearance, it is not like a common mobile power, after dismantling, it somewhat looks like a flash card U disk. The overall design of this product is simple and fashionable. Packed in a aluminized paper, it can be used instantly as it is opened.In concept, this product is to meet the needs of people who are frequently out on business. Although we will prepare a regular mobile phone charger, the invention of this product can be used emergency.


Since it is a temporary emergency mobile power, it can only charge 40% of the phone power, but it is compatible with all models of mobile phones. Owing to its small size, it can also be placed in the pocket of clothes or in the bag, so as the product out of its design can be said to be very appropriate.

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