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Basics On Fashionable Bluetooth Speaker

As Bluetooth Speaker becomes a mainstream entertainment music, buying one can be a very troublesome choice. Today we continue to talk about specific needs on it.

bluetooth speaker

1.Get rid of cable ties

Bluetooth 4.0 and above has lower power consumption and more stable signal transmission, the effective transmission distance is 100 meters, the more complex the environment is, the shorter it will be. Therefore, both indoors and outdoors, you can easily get rid of the shackles of the connection, so that you listen to the unfettered.

2.Handsfree calls

The current Bluetooth speakers are good for the call function, its advantage is to release your hands, easy to call or video communications, but also to prevent mobile phone radiation affect health, can also be used for conference calls, conference presentations and so on business occasions.

portable speaker

3.Sports party, a must for outing

For those who love outdoor activities, if you can have music accompanied by outing, it will be more fun. And an outdoor portable Bluetooth speakers can be used at the party dinner, riding mountain climbing, camping picnic and others.

Most of these speakers are fully sealed design, with dust / waterproof / drop and other functions, even in the more harsh outdoor environment can also be used normally, some speakers more charge treasure function.

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