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Battery Charger According To The Design Circuit Operating Frequency To Points

  Battery Charger according to the design circuit operating frequency to points, can be divided into frequency machine and high frequency machine.

  Frequency type

  Battery Charger through the computer control technology,

  1) the use of capacity balance principle to intelligently determine the battery adequacy;

  1) to ensure adequate battery power under the premise,

  2) High brightness LED indicates the operating status of the Battery Charger;

  3) display the battery voltage, power supply voltage, charge current, capacity, time and other parameters of information, fault code shows the fault content;

  4) with open circuit, reverse fault protection and alarm function;

  5) with overload, short circuit fault protection and alarm function;

  6) with transformer over-temperature, module over-temperature fault protection and alarm function;

  7) with automatic detection, delay start, soft start function;

  8) with manual or automatic equalization charging function to ensure the battery capacity of the unity of the battery;

  9) with automatic initial charging function;

  10) with desulfurization charging function;

  11) Charge the middle of the way out of the charging plug Battery Charger automatically shut down.

  Normal working conditions

  (1) altitude of not more than 2000 meters;

  (2) the surrounding medium temperature is not higher than +40 ℃ and not less than -10 ℃;

  (3) air relative humidity of not more than 85% (when the medium temperature at 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃);

  (4) place where there is no conductive dust;

  (5) Environment free from explosion;

  (6) does not contain corrosion of metal and insulation of the gas and steam environment;

  (7) where there is no rain or snow;

  (8) in the vertical plane tilt of not more than 5 degrees and no severe vibration and shocks.

  Frequency machine is characterized by a simple, there is a problem

  1) input and output transformer size;

  2) The output filter used to eliminate high harmonics is large in size;

  3) Transformers and inductors produce audio noise;

  4) poor dynamic response to load and electricity changes;

  5) low efficiency;

  6) input without power factor correction, the grid pollution is more serious;

  7) high cost, especially for small capacity models, can not be compared with the high frequency machine.

  High frequency type

  High-frequency machine is a microprocessor (CPU chip) as a processing control center, is a complex hardware analog circuit burned in the microprocessor, the software program to control the way the UPS operation. Therefore, the volume greatly reduced, greatly reduced the weight, low manufacturing costs, the price is relatively low. High frequency machine inverter frequency is generally above 20KHZ, but the high frequency machine in the harsh power grid and environmental conditions, poor tolerance, more suitable for the grid is relatively stable and less dust, temperature and humidity appropriate environment. High frequency machine and frequency machine in terms of comparison: small size, light weight, high operating efficiency (low operating costs), low noise, suitable for office space, cost-effective (under the same power, low price), space, environmental impact Small, due to the frequency of the transformer to the mains and load isolation, the poor electricity environment, the frequency machine than the high-frequency performance to provide more secure and reliable protection, in some occasions such as medical, require the Battery Charger to have Isolation device. Therefore, the industrial, medical, transportation and other applications, frequency machine is a better choice.

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