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Battery Charger Purchase Attention To The Use Of Capacity Speed Safety And Functional Ease Of Use

Currently on the market rechargeable batteries and charger brand messy, good and bad. To really feel the energy of the charger set on the road, you need to pay attention to the purchase with the capacity, speed, safety and functional ease of use of these four criteria to consider, select.

The type of mobile phone charger is a small portable power output device, mainly travel charger, seat charger and car charger and other types:

Seat charger: seat charger easy to carry, easy to use. This type of charger is generally designed as a double slot, one can charge two batteries, so that users in addition to the phone is using the battery charge, you can also charge a battery. However, the seat charger for the slow charge mode, charging time is longer, about 4 a sh (hours). Travel Charger: Most mobile phone standard configurations only travel charger. Travel charger and seat charger on the battery charge effect is the same. Travel charger size is relatively small, easy to carry, often travel for people who are more appropriate, it is generally fast charging, charging time is 2 to 3h (hours). Travel charger on the phone will not have any adverse effects, but the user must confirm when the purchase is the original charger, otherwise, because the charger charging effect is poor, but not enough power Car charger: car charger with the car Cigarette lighter as a power outlet directly for the phone charge. One end of the car charger plugs into the cigarette lighter, the other end connected to the phone. As the car provides a low voltage, so the car charger only need to have overload protection circuit inside.

1. Capacity: the current market, rechargeable batteries from 600mAh to 2100mAh products have, in the case of economic conditions, the purchase principle is the bigger the better. Such as Sony's latest speed charger set is equipped with four capacity of 2100mAh AA (5 #) battery, from the capacity and brand reliability point of view, are a good choice.

2. Speed: travel users can not tolerate frequent ten hours of charging time. The general quality of the brand products can be done within 6 hours to complete the charge.

3. Safety: Safety includes both the protection of the product itself in the product design (eg, the possibility of avoiding life-threatening damage) and the risk of harming the user.

4. Function: The charger kit should have the greatest degree of compatibility and ease of use. Including compatibility with batteries 5 and 7, the range of input voltage, charge status indication, and so on.

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