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Battery Charger Purchase Notes

Charger is the use of high-frequency power technology, the use of advanced intelligent dynamic adjustment of charging technology. Chargers are widely used in various fields, especially in the field of life is widely used in mobile phones, cameras and other common appliances. Charger is the use of power electronic semiconductor devices, the voltage and frequency of fixed alternating current into a direct current DC converter device. In the battery for the work of power or standby power supply occasions, the charger has a wide range of applications.

As the daily life of mobile phone charger, the data line using the ash often frequently added from time to time on their rudeness caused by chargers tragic black hand, with long easy to bad! Buy charger to pay attention to what, so that we have a reference.

1. Have 3C certification

China's CCC certification system for products that affect consumer safety, CCC certified power adapter in the electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility to meet the national mandatory standards.

2, whether there is "back" type logo

In addition to the CCC logo, but also pay attention to the charger is not a "back" word logo, it refers to the charger is double insulation protection, that is, the charger has two insulation methods, the first insulation does not work When the second will take effect.

3, the shell to have flame retardant

Poor quality cottage goods will be repeated accident, because the cottage charger low cost, good quality charger shell using the original plastic, high hardness, and low-quality charger is not hard, flame-retardant plastic, easy to be soft when charging soft Even the fire caused a fire.

4, observe the appearance

Good phone charger appearance will not have burrs, and seams flawless, metal contacts thick, uniform.

5, plug smooth without excessive heat

Charger pluggable must be convenient, smooth, plug the hard drive can be easily damaged. In addition, the phone charger in the charging a little fever is normal (30 to 40 ℃ is the normal temperature).

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