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Battery Charger Several Elements Of Purchase

Charging is an important step in using rechargeable batteries. Proper charging is good for prolonging battery life, and savage charging can have a big impact on battery life. Lithium batteries are based on the basic products are individually packaged, not universal, so each product also provides their own charging equipment, not universal, as long as the use of the instructions to follow their own use can be. So the introduction of battery charging mainly refers to Ni-CD battery and Ni-MH battery. There are two ways to charge nickel-cell batteries and NiMH batteries, which are known as "fast Charge" and "slow charge". Fast charge and slow charge is an important concept of charging, only understand the fast charge and slow charge to properly grasp the charge.

The universal use of smart phones, then how to extend the use of mobile equipment time to play its maximum function? Mobile Power (Rechargeable treasure) emerged!! Many people have more or less the hands of several mobile power, then, how to buy the correct charger, it is better to learn a few strokes.

1. Look at the electric core. 18650 and polymer batteries, preferred polymer batteries, polymer cores, lighter, not exploding, 18650, heavy, and potentially explosive.

2. See the conversion rate. A power supply to the mobile phone several times depending on the circuit board conversion rate and the core capacity, the core capacity is large, the circuit board conversion rate of low charge times will be less, the reverse know the core capacity is small, the conversion rate of electricity board is high, the number of charges will be more.

3. Look at the product charge management: At present, most of the mobile power supply is the use of ordinary linear charge management, this kind of charging management method is too old to keep up with the times, high-capacity charge bao full of electricity to charge more than 15-20 hours to fill. Today's smart phone capacity is a large number of internal use of pulse charging management, pulse charge management has a large charge current, low temperature, long life and other advantages of battery.


1. Try not to use fast charge.

2. Try not to open the cell phone when charging (lithium battery is not a big problem).

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