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Battery Charger The Resulting Harm

Mobile phone is now we all have the communication tools, in addition to call, many people like to watch TV, playing games, so the power consumption will be great. Mobile phone charger must be used up in time to unplug, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.

The phone is fully charged to pull out the charger in time, otherwise the socket does not connect the phone charger will always work, long-term will have a fire hazard.

Charger is a transformer and rectifier device, inserted in the circuit board on the power, will consume a certain current, and has been in working condition. If the charger on the plug board on the long-term, it will continue to heat, so as to accelerate the aging of devices and materials, so easy to produce short-circuit or high-voltage breakdown, causing fire hazards.

2. Mobile phone charger does not pull the harm

1, power consumption! This is one of the hazards. Like our dormitory, although the school every semester to give a certain amount of electricity, but we have never been smooth through this semester - will certainly spend money. Our electricity is generally left to leave a month when the left is running out. Roundnesslogs.ither ...... Results All nightss.omenges Rhitherigma sparks.vs.s. Find User drafts.ither nights calling Rhitheronfferences This is a big part of the reason we waste too much.

2, a long time out of the charger, the charger is a damage. The charger will be aging, so that its life is shorter, the charger will use the shorter time. Rhithers. Pointsither Rhan ...... Find United States Copyright Decision Us Thunderbolt Barra may explode, this will damage the circuit.

3, if the charger for a long time, especially in the summer, the charger will be very hot and hot, it is likely to cause a fire. So be careful.

4, the charger is also some of the original, not the original, you spend a little money to buy the kind of charger, well, this kind of quality is not guaranteed, prolonged, more likely to cause accidents, causing accidents, give us Unbearable damage.

How to solve the mobile phone charging slow

1.It is recommended to charge the same time under the activation of the next battery, so the battery charge is no memory.

2.Charge with an AC outlet, charge the battery to 100% off, then turn on the green light in shutdown mode.

3.Boot into recover mode Select advancsd advanced mode, select wipe Battery, clear the battery traces.

4.boot to 100% so that your battery will not remember after the charge is much faster.

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