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Battery Maintenance Method

1, scrub the battery with a damp cloth

Often scrub the battery stigma, not only the white acid powder will not accumulate in the above, and the battery life will be longer than expected.

2, Drive to charge the storage battery even infrequently

Vehicles can not be placed for a long time without driving, even when the vehicle is not used, it should be started regularly, so that the battery is charged in full power state.

Cars are often started and stopped, which will lead to the state of insufficient charge, shortening the service life. Driving on the highway for 20-30 minutes, you can fully charge car battery.

3, Identify the battery replacement omen

If the next day you find out that vehicles are more difficult to start than usual, it is also possibly because the lack of battery power causes a difficult start-up. Especially in the cold winter, in fact this may also be the omen that the battery is about to fail.

There is another situation is the idling. The headlights are inexplicably dimmed, which may also be an omen to the failure of the battery.

4, Check the battery twice a year

In order to maintain the best performance of the battery, it is best go to 4S shop to detect the battery to see how the power storage capacity every six months. The general life of the battery in about 3 years, good maintenance can hold up to 4 years.

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