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Buy Car Charger To Pay Attention To The Following Points

  Buy car charger to pay attention to the following points

  1, to understand the car charger automatic protection

  Car charger whether over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short circuit protection and other functions, the shell is best to use ABS flame retardant environmentally friendly materials, both to prevent foreign burning and beautiful, hand touch without leaving fingerprints.

  2, pay attention to voltage and current size

  When buying car charger, pay attention to the voltage and current of the matching equipment, such as iphone is 5V / 1A, Tablet PC, mobile power is 5v / 2A. Dual USB interface car charger If the phone and tablet computer at the same time to charge, the total current of the car charger at least 3A or more, otherwise the charging speed is not only a substantial decline, but also excessive heat or even bad equipment.

  3, select a reliable brand

  Reliable brand quality is guaranteed, use it is also assured that the truth is not necessary to say that. Although the price is generally cheaper than the poor car charger, but if the cheap, the quality of a problem, it is certainly no complaints.

  4, select the multi-functional car charger

  Car charger is generally placed in the cigarette lighter position, if you smoke, or buy a cigarette lighter with a car charger it.

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