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Car Charger Easy To Charge

Car charger is designed to facilitate the owner of the vehicle with a car charger anytime, anywhere for the digital product charging accessories. Some high-end car charger generally includes two USB ports, which can charge two digital products at the same time. Such products are generally overload protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four safety protection, to ensure safe use.

Car charger in the car at the same time, but also home, to achieve car charger, direct charge, USB charge three-in-one multi-purpose use. Features: versatility, portability, fashion, security With the development of the automotive industry, car charger is widely used, showing a multi-functional, portability, fashion features. In the market, the more influential car charger unique power management program, the output current of 1A, is the world's fastest charging USB charger.

Versatile: The car charger with the US regulation, the British regulations, the Austrian regulations and the European regulations of the four AC adapter; the car charger, direct charge, USB charge as one to meet the different conditions of charging; dual USB Output interface, you can charge for multiple electronic products. And this product is the world's first charge for the iPad charger, iPad for about 4 hours to complete, you can go with iPad to ride. Car portable portability: portability is a major trend in the development of electronic products today, using a unique folding car charger design, the product volume concentrated to 6.9 × 5.6 × 3.1cm, carry extremely convenient.

Fashion: for the owner of this high-end consumer groups, car charger fashion for the manufacturers attention. General use of ABS material and the use of piano paint technology, not only fashion fine, feel very good.

Note Edit Car Charger Use the car cigarette lighter as a power outlet to charge the phone directly. As the car provides a low voltage, so the car charger only need to have overload protection circuit inside. Car charger socket front design has a fuse, when the current exceeds the overload protection circuit can withstand the range, the fuse immediately fuse, play a protective role. Note: must be in the car when the engine can start charging! (2 photos) 2, do not put the car charger stored in a humid environment 3, the use of the appropriate temperature of the car is not used in the humid environment, 0-45 ℃ 4, away from children 5, to avoid lightning 6, fully charged to pull out the plug so, for security reasons, we must buy a regular brand, buy genuine, poor quality products prone to security risks. Car charger is also divided into two kinds of direct charge and cradle. You can choose to buy the cradle, that is, the battery removed to charge, to avoid instability due to vehicle power, the voltage output peak high to burn the phenomenon of the phone, to burn is to burn the battery, reduce losses. There are a variety of car chargers available on the market. If you choose online shopping, be sure to go to the regular website to buy.

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