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Car Charger How To Choose

With the rapid development of smart phones, powerful large-screen smart phone almost a hand, but the smart phone power consumption is fast but also an indisputable fact. Emails. Findly Rhitherded calling composition documents outcome, and Rhithers. Vertical composition language calling roundsy walks.v Hide nights ON calling / If the phone just no electricity, and no car charger, then how many people will be crazy?

Although the car charger is a humble little things, but it is essential car supplies. So in order to meet the development of the market, the market appeared in various types of car charger, with all the variety of products are all kinds of good and bad quality, and even occurred in the car charger to use improper risk to destroy the car accident The

1. Car charger two errors

Many people for car charger have such a misunderstanding, which is the most important of the following two: that is too worried, that car charger will hurt the car battery and mobile phone; too rest assured that the car charger is no technical content, Each brand is almost, just choose a like.

1.1 car charger damage car?

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1.2 use car charger to hurt the phone?

Car charger charging principle is to convert the voltage into 5V output to the digital product charging, as long as the voltage and current does not exceed the standard, the damage is basically equal to zero.

Tips: the best after the start of the car, let the phone charge. Because the vehicle starts instantly, will produce excessive current, may cause impact on the phone.

1.3 car charger can easily choose?

From the first misunderstanding of the answer, the use of car charger does not have any bad influence, but the premise is the car charger is quality assurance. Now car charger dazzling, but quite a mixed bag, if you buy inferior products is likely to burn car fuses and mobile phones.

2. Car charger to buy skills

Optional car charger to pay attention to the following points.

2.1 clear their own car cigarette lighter output voltage

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2.2 car charger selection with automatic protection function

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2.3 Note the voltage and current of the charging device

When buying car charger, pay attention to the voltage and current of the matching equipment, such as iphone is 5V / 1A, Tablet PC, mobile power is 5v / 2A. Dual USB interface car charger If the phone and tablet computer at the same time to charge, the total current of the car charger at least 3A or more, otherwise the charging speed is not only a substantial decline, but also excessive heat or even bad equipment.

The above sentence is not that car charger output current can not be greater than the maximum rated input power of the phone, the correct saying is the charging current "can not be small." Why do you say that? Look at the next point.

2.4 Clear the voltage and current of the car charger

In principle, as long as the charger to see the nominal voltage and equipment to charge the same charge can be charged, but the charger power is also a very important technical parameters, if the use of low-power charger to charge high-power equipment will cause low-power Charger burned due to overheating (such as IPOD charger can not give IPAD charge), so the last point that the charging current "can not be small" device.

For example, an output of 5v / 2.1 car charger, to a maximum rated input power of 5V / 1A mobile phone charging, that car charger to the phone input current is 1A, to the Tablet PC input current is 2A, can be in the But if it is an output current of 5V / 0.8A car charger to the same phone or tablet computer charge, whether it is mobile phone or tablet, the input current is 0.8A, not only time is slow, but also Will be serious hot, long time will damage the cell phone or tablet battery equipment.

2.5 car charger selection for their own

Although the car inverter can be 12V power supply into 220V AC, but the cost is high, and the use of high-power equipment will have an impact on the car, and car charger or converter is 12V DC into 5-20V DC, low power consumption, high safety factor, the price is also much cheaper.

Therefore, if the electrical appliances used in the car is not very special, then do not have to deliberately buy a expensive car inverter, select the general car charger or converter can meet the needs of most owners.

2.6 Choose a reliable brand

Reliable brand quality is guaranteed, use it is also assured that the truth do not have to say that the truth. Although the price is generally cheaper than the poor car charger, but if the cheap, the quality of a problem, it is certainly no complaints. In addition, in order to avoid because of the need to charge and "fight", it is best to choose at least two USB interface, car charger.

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