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Car Charger It's Important To Choose Security

With the increase of tachographs, navigation, mobile phones and tablets and other smart devices, car charging has become a big problem, most of the car did not design the USB interface and only a cigarette lighter. So in order for these devices to be converted into charging devices, the car charger becomes the product that must be purchased. If each car is equipped with a one-year sales volume is quite amazing. However, there are a lot of people do not know much about the car charger, most people are basically to see sales, price and value to choose. Of course, the cheaper to buy more people, but most people are very regretful after use, then the choice of car charger in the end what exactly?

The main reason for the difficulty of choosing the car charger is that the choice is too much, and the product lacks regulation. Moreover, the threshold of the car charger is not high, and the cheap car charger basically comes from the folk small workshop. To assemble a fact is not difficult, just need to buy the corresponding accessories can be combined, and mobile power should be the same. Although not directly powered or not charged, but its risk is much larger than the mobile power supply, so for the choice of car charger, the brand is indeed very important, at least in the safety factor will have some protection.

Of course, for car charger, do not think small does not occupy the location is also very stylish, the smaller the more security risks, because small, it is easy to cause positive and negative contact, causing a short circuit in the car because the car charger is also easy to trigger short circuit Car circuit failure, the consequences could be disastrous. So for the choice of car charger Do not be too casual, do not save tens of dollars for the province out of major events.

Most of the car charger, especially the cheap, 20 yuan, or even less than 10 yuan, most of them are cutting corners, in addition to not installing safes, even the shell is also a cheap material, are basically plastic material , And flammability is very high, most of the car charger will appear when charging the temperature rise, if it is plastic material, it is easy to deform after the temperature rises, according to some car charger temperature test even up to 95 degrees Celsius, plastic Can be melted away. Car charger is not the worst result of flame retardant is the direct combustion of short circuit occurs. So in the choice of car charger, the insurance device must have, of course, the shell material can not be ignored, the best is to choose the metal material, so as to achieve 100% flame retardant.

Now good car charging is not without, but most people think cheap it, like the use of stainless steel shell grain car charger is very good, the price of less than 100 yuan, Jingdong 89 yuan, not only stainless steel Grade, but also play a good role in flame retardant, plus over-voltage protection, built-in protection device, in the event of overvoltage will be a direct blow, will not cause car circuit failure, but it also uses 5V voltage and 3A Of the current, although it is double charge, but it also has fast charge function, charging speed is very fast. Although the price is relatively high, but feel more comfortable with them.

Of course, thirty or forty yuan car charger also has metal, like millet and other brands, quality is still possible, in fact, the most important car charger is good quality, built-in safeties, metal shell, plus the voltage and current stability is sufficient, After all, it is important to be able to charge smart devices safely.

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