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Car Charger Purchase Notes

Car charger is a car charger for the convenience of car power supply for anytime, anywhere for the digital products, conventional for automotive batteries (car 12V, truck 24V) powered car charger. (Constant pressure CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP) to consider the actual needs of the lithium battery charging (constant pressure CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP), the use of a variety of portable, handheld equipment, lithium battery charging areas, such as: mobile phones, , But also take into account the harsh environment of the car battery (transient peak voltage, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.); Therefore, car charger program selected power management IC must meet: high pressure, high efficiency, high reliability, Is conducive to the design of EMI) switching power supply chip.

The current market car charger style varied, the price ranging from a few dollars to a thousand dollars, but because of the lack of national or industry mandatory standards, the quality of these car charger are a lot of worrying, there are reporters specializing in online shopping Several cheap samples to do the test and found that their packaging did not indicate the production standards, factory name and contact telephone and other information, and in the flame retardant and overcurrent protection device, the two security aspects are almost no Fulfil requirements.

First, the car charger to buy precautions

1. Choose well-known brands: owners in the purchase of car charger should try to choose well-known brands, regular manufacturers of products, although the price will be relatively high, but the quality will be more secure.

2. Do not buy three no products: Do not cheap to buy cheap products, do not buy or use three no product, to confirm whether the product packaging printed with production standards, factory name and other information.

3. Confirm the safety device: In addition to look for the brand and do not buy three no products, the owners should also understand the choice of car charger shell flame retardant compliance, and whether there is over-current protection device. The general volume is relatively small car charger is likely to be installed without overcurrent protection, to try to avoid buying.

4. Do not blind pursuit of high current: When the current is too large or too much interface encountered in the failure and dangerous situation may also be more, so the owner in the purchase of car charger, it is best not to blindly pursue large current, multi-interface and charging speed. In addition, the current market, there are some car charging voltage and current virtual standard situation, we must pay attention to the use of purchase.

Second, the use of car charger Note

1. Do not insert the car charger before starting the vehicle engine. Otherwise, the voltage at the time of starting is likely to hurt the car.

2. After the vehicle is turned off, remember to pull the car out, although now many vehicles cigarette lighter in the pull out the key will stop power supply, but there are still many cars are continuous power supply.

3. should not be used at high temperatures, especially when the summer car temperature is too high (usually more than 45 ℃) to remember to remove the car charger, while the usual use should also try to avoid random beating, throwing, Or easy to damage the internal circuit board.

4. Car charger should also avoid water, or a long time placed in a humid environment, otherwise the internal components easy to oxidize corrosion.

5. Some strong cleaning agents, chemical products will cause serious damage to the car charger damage, so if the cleaning must pay attention.

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