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Car Charger Safety Attention

Car Charger Safety Attention

Car charger is in order to facilitate the car owners to charge power supply for digital products at any time and anywhere for digital products. Part of the high-end car charger generally includes 2 USB interface, can be charged for two digital products.

With the development of the automotive industry, car charger is widely used, showing a multi-functional, portable, stylish features.

The emergence of these products to our daily life has brought a lot of convenience, but also has a series of problems, especially security issues.

     First of all we want to know what is the difference between car charger and common charger, the difference between them is the main plug - car charger is lighter, find the cigarette lighter in the car (usually in the cab and the trunk of each one), inserted into the plug (a plug in the end, hear clicks on the line).

Then connect the other end to your mobile phone or other digital device, and configure the corresponding data line according to the different charging products.

In the end, the LED indicator light is observed, and the lamp is lit to enter the charging state.

On the car charger , should pay attention to the following matters:


u  Do not put the charger in a wet or high temperature environment, the use of the appropriate temperature for 0-45;


u  In the use of the process will have a certain heat, in normal room temperature, no more than 60 degrees Celsius heating is a normal phenomenon, is not damaged by the battery;


u  Because there are differences in various types of charging products, charging time is not consistent, which has nothing to do with the charging performance of the charger;


u  Away from children;


u  Avoid lightning;


u  The charging is finished in a timely manner to pull the plug, USB interface without health, taking off the car charger installed in place.



Therefore, for security considerations, we must choose a regular brand, buy genuine, poor quality products are very easy to occur security risks. In addition, when used, must be in accordance with the correct approach to the operation.

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