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Now with the development of intelligent, cars and mobile phones are increasingly linked, and some cars can even be directly operated by mobile phones. Many owners are accustomed to using the car charger in the car, but like other electronics, car charger use must be seriously instructed for safety use. Today, Yilon Technology is here to remind you several points that you need to pay attention to on car charger usage and more.

First of all, about the operating principle of car charger. Car charger converts the car cigarette lighter socket of 12V voltage to 5V USB voltage, and then charge through the charging line to electronic products. Small power consumption, easy and convenient operation and lower price are some key factors for the popularity of car charger.


1.Do not plug in the car charger before you start a car in case that the sudden voltage damages the car charger itself.

2.Do not use chemicals or detergent to clean the car charger.

3.Keep the car charger dry and clean, and do not expose it to humid environment.

4.Discharge the device after you switch off the car.


When choosing a car charger, certain aspects also need to be considered.

1.Overload protection. A qualified car charger must have overload protection to sustain battery lifetime and avoid safety issues.

2.Better electric current. Output current more than 1A is highly advised while choosing a car charger for quicker charging and less power loss.

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