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Car Charger With Improper Use Of Security Risks

  Car charger with improper use of security risks

  Travel by car, in the cigarette lighter on a converter, you can use MP3 songs, to the phone charge, and even connected to the kettle, rice cookers, travel by car and even things can be solved. These seemingly convenient gadgets, but hidden danger, if the car installed in the power of large electrical appliances or buy a "three no" products, easy to damage the battery or cause danger.

  Status: uneven quality of automotive electrical appliances

  Online shopping car charger prices vary, a low four or five yuan, the high will have three or four hundred dollars. The store says these chargers are chargeable and safe. Some packaging can not see the manufacturer's information, the so-called 'ultra-fast charge' 'high current' just gimmicks, charging time is not to say, may also occur short circuit. In addition, the car kettle, rice cookers and other large power consumption of electrical appliances, with the popularity of Zijia You also hot up, these car in the end will not have a bad impact on the vehicle?

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  Now a lot of owners in the car to install a converter, the current conversion for the use of ordinary electrical appliances, or purchase a converter equipped with special vehicles. In the state of the car using the converter, connected to MP3 and other small appliances, electricity is not too much, then the impact on the vehicle itself is not, but in the purchase of converter, we must carefully see the manufacturer. And the kettle, rice cookers and other electricity consumption of relatively large car is not recommended for use. Because the car's original circuit in the spare wiring points and circuit load is limited, the owner of a large increase in vehicle electrical appliances, will lead to short circuit, resulting in electrical equipment destroyed.

  In addition, if the quality of the converter, however, the summer car temperature is high or the winter car temperature is low, in some extreme temperature environment, the more prone to problems, involving the car circuit system, bring large losses. Therefore, in the purchase of converters, be sure to choose a quality assurance brand, remember not to map convenience, cheap map.

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  In addition, the cigarette lighter power socket with a special metal shrapnel structure, if other electrical appliances or converters inserted in the power socket for a long time, may cause damage to the metal shrapnel, so that the cigarette lighter reaches the set temperature, can not Normal bounce cigarette lighter and cause the power circuit burned.

  Therefore, the proposed owners do not use cigarette lighter, you should pull out the power interface, so as not to cause loops loose, can not heat the heater. In addition, repeated plug and irrational use can also cause short circuit, or even burn the fuse.

  In addition, the owner with a cigarette lighter point after the smoke, the heating wire will remain some tobacco, after use directly into the jack, the time for a long time there will be some dirty things inside the jack. If these dirty things can not be cleared in time will slowly accumulate, and ultimately lead to poor contact jack, or even short-circuit blown fuse. The owner to do regular cleaning cigarette lighter, but do not use immediately after the clean-up, to avoid burn yourself.

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