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Car Charger: Your Perfect Travel Company

As 2016 approaches to an ending point, 2017, the incoming new year is right at the corner. This is usually when people start to make their holiday plans. In the West, people map out family trip for Christmas, while in the East, people rush back home from all over the country for Spring Festival. Every year in this time, public transports are subject to immensely heavy human traffic. However in recent years, with the rise of car owners, a number of people like to drive home. Driving back home sometimes may take more than 24 hours in huge countries like China, then spending time properly is surely concerned by every passenger.

Nowadays, electronic devices like cellphone, ipad, laptop are commonly used as a travel pastime. Keeping in running in full swing must be a priority for most travelers. While you are in a car, how do you charge your devices? Right now Yilon Technology has worked out a new answer for you. We have newly invented car charger, which allows you to convert vehicle-mounted ports into universal USB ports that can charge your cellphone, laptop, etc.

Meanwhile , there are usually more that one USB ports in a car charger for multiple charging service. Yilon Technology also has designed several dozens of samples for different car chargers. Model YLCC-235 can be used both as a car charger and a life hammer with a pointy tip at the end of it. Model YLCC-228 has a flashlight for night uses as well. Model YLCC-220-Q is equipped with QC2.0 quick charge technology, which charges 75% faster than ordinary ones.

Car charger from Yilon Technology features dozens more. Each of them are designed specifically to your requirements. If you need to inquire about any of our car charger, please feel free to contact our customer service staff online.

Thank you for your concern on Yilon Technology.

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