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Cautions On Car Jump Starter

Car jump starter is a device used to power up your car in case of breakdown. Whenever the car engine fails to start, this mini power bank is ready to supply enough electricity to restart your car properly. However, there are certain aspects that one should keep in mind so that the device works perfectly.

car jump starter

1, Without adult care, do not let children use the car emergency start power. It should be placed in the children can not get the place;

2, Dont heat or throw the car emergency start power into the water or fire, which contributes to battery failure and malfunction.

3, After the use of emergency start, one should promptly disconnect the power switch, so as to avoid fire.

4, Under infrequent use, one need to take out every 3 months charge and discharge time;

5, The car emergency power supply should be kept in a cool, dry place, to avoid direct sunlight.

6, Only use lithium charger for charging.

7, Do not disassemble the car emergency start power, so as to avoid accidents;

8, Do not start the car emergency power supply in raining conditions. Rain is conductive, it is likely to occur short circuit, so that the car emergency power supply due to instantaneous high current discharge and hot, will damage the battery or dangerous;

9, Do not let the car emergency power supply positive and negative clips touch! (Except smart clips)

car jump starter use

10, Do not store in high temperature or high humidity environment, the reaction inside the battery itself will intensify, it can not provide enough capacity to the electrical appliances. In addition, high temperature and humidity, the battery aging rate will be greatly accelerated, but also corrosion of electronic components (except high-temperature batteries);

11, Do not use positive and negative plug in reverse, or with a metal short circuit, otherwise it will lead to battery bulging or rupture, so as to avoid accidents!

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