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Common Misunderstandings On Charging Smart Phones

Now the smart phones are still continuing to upgrade in both screen size and hardware performance. However, there isnt enough improvement in battery life. While other components technology is rapidly evolving, battery technology has not been developed simultaneously. Because of this, for the user, endurance of mobile phones become the most troublesome problem.

We should have heard this argument: in sleep, the smart phone are connected to the charger, being continuously charged all night, damaging the phone battery. In order to make everyone more safe and effective use of mobile phones, below, we come together to understand the phone battery and charging some errors.

1. Quick Charge

Now the mobile phone fast charging technology can be divided into two categories: one is to improve the current ; the other is to improve the voltage. The idea of improving the current scheme is to thicken the charging line to increase the electric current. The voltage booster can be understood as the voltage rise in the charging head, and then down in the cell phone integrated circuit, and then input to the battery. In short, the essence of fast charging technology is to improve the input power by increasing the voltage or current to the battery as much as possible under certain conditions (such as safety).

2. Overnight Charging

It may reduce the battery life of the phone, but the smartphone we are using will stop charging until the battery is fully charged. The phone will start to charge once the voltage is lower than a certain amount; and usually the phone is in standby mode, the power drop is very slow. So even if it charges the whole night, it will not trigger a frequent re-charge. But we need to emphasize that although the charge will not damage the battery, the battery life will be greatly reduced eventually. So in order to extend the life of the phone as far as possible to avoid charging all night.

3. Playing games while charging

It will have a negative impact on the phone charging circuit or battery. In fact, many mobile phones are now with the power consumption management, that is, the phone takes power directly from the charger. Even without this management, directly from the battery power will not be any problems. But taking into account the temperature problem, the overworking CPU will heat up the overall device, which is definitely not good for your phone. Therefore, pay attention to the phone overheat when playing games.

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