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Description Of The Use Of Mobile Power

Description of the use of mobile power

The use of mobile power, there will be some customers will ask, I specially introduce. Many of us only in power when it is remembered by it, so always have electricity when not specifically to study this, of course, this is not very difficult.

Mobile power operation instructions are as follows:

1 device charging

Use the adapter to insert the 5V 1A USB DC port and your device connection, short press the power switch light button to achieve charging, press the ON/OFF button two times the power to turn off the power, stop charging other devices.



2 lighting lamp

Standby mode, long press the power switch light button, the lights are lit; and then a long time, the lights will be extinguished.



3 electric quantity display

A short press the power switch button lights, blue power indicator lights, 1 lights, representing the remaining power 25%, 2 lights, the remaining power of 50% delegates, 3 lights, on behalf of the remaining power 75%, 4 lights, 4 lights on behalf of electricity in 100%, all the light represents power no power 10S, minutes after the power indicator light will automatically extinguish.



4 power charge

When the mobile power supply power shortage, connect the 5V power charge with Micro USB charging line, when power is charged when the 4 power indicator light.



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