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Different Plugs All Over The World

In many people’s outbound travel list, the plug adapter is not included. In fact, in the increasing popularity of electronic products today, charging has become one of the daily homework to ensure that it can continue to work. Because of the different history, national conditions, etc., the world's power plug and voltage have their own national standards, so a suitable plug adapter is very important. The current power plugs are generally divided into Chinese standard, American standard, British standard, European standard, South African standard and others.


Chinese Standard: used in China, Australia, New Zealand, characterized by three flat heads.

American standard: in the United States, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and other places, characterized by a round two flats.

British standard: in Hong Kong, Britain, India, Singapore, Vietnam, the use of the region, the characteristics of the three square heads.

European standard: or German standard, used in most countries in Europe and South Korea, characterized by two heads.

South Africa Standard: used in South Africa, Russia, features three round heads.


The public need to be reminded that in order not to affect the your travel, it is recommended that you understand the power plug and voltage to the relevant standards, and be ready to change the corresponding plug.

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